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Ashtanga Workshop with Kino MacGregor in Copenhagen

Kino MacGregor - Copenhagen Ashtanga Workshop

What a wonderful weekend it’s been in Copenhagen! On August 21st to 23rd I traveled to the Danish capital to attend an Ashtanga weekend workshop with Yoga teacher Kino MacGregor, one of my greatest Yoga-inspirations.

Kino MacGregor is an international teacher who’s been practicing over 16 years, learning directly from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (‘Guruji’) in Myosore, India. Now she travels the world to share the message of Ashtanga Yoga.

I traveled to Copenhagen because I wanted to learn something new, to explore my own limits and limitations, to see how far I can go under the surveillance of a teacher that I consider as really good, experienced and inspirational. And already before the workshop I was pretty sure about the fact that I will be going to push my limits a little further.

Kino MacGregor - Copenhagen Ashtanga WorkshopThis was definitely an important step in my own personal Yoga journey that I’ve been looking forward to since a few months, ever since I booked the flight tickets and the spot on the mat.

The schedule of the workshop looked like this:

– Sun Salutations

– Ashtanga Yoga: the full primary series
– Twists

– Ashtanga Yoga: introduction to the secondary series
– Arm balances

Kino entered the room and each one of us 135 eager students went silent and smiled at her with high expectations. ‘Are we all going to get through this? What is going to happen in the next few days? Am I able to do this?’ These were just a few thoughts that crossed my mind, and I bet some other students in that room had them, too.


During the sessions I was confronted with many things: curiosity, fear, surrender, excitement, delight, eagerness and total exhaustion. To be honest: I’ve never tried out practicing the complete primary series before, so it was actually my first time at the workshop. And it was pretty hard and challenging, both physically and mentally.

And I also have never been into some twisting postures that deep before, nor have I dared to do such a deep backbend, nor have I ever mastered Baby Bakasana before. But this weekend made some things happen. Maybe it was the good energy in the room – filled with inspiration, dedication of the students, and Kinos pinpointed explanations, and maybe it was also me, simply allowing myself to dare something new.

Kino MacGregor - Copenhagen Ashtanga Workshop

To sum it up: It was a wonderful experience! I learned a lot, also about Kino’s insights, and enjoyed her funny yet precise way of teaching. I definitely came out of this weekend workshop being stronger and also maybe even a little braver when it comes to some Asanas. It was worth the overall soreness of my whole body, the burning sensations in many muscles at once and being overly tired – but happy. I felt like being at peace more than depleted after the weekend.


Maybe best of all was that I was able to take a glimpse on Kino practicing on her own in a silent corner during a break. Almost noone noticed in the nearly empty room, but those who did watched her with attention.

She also shared this session on periscope and I tried to capture a few moments, too.

Kino MacGregor Copenhagen Workshop

Kino MacGregor - Copenhagen Ashtanga Workshop

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