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Heart wide open

wheel yoga pose

You breathe. You let go. You surrender to the unlimited power of the Asana and let yourself slowly glide into the deepest backbend you’ve ever experienced before.

You literally can feel yourself open up. You can feel how every single vertebra in your body moves into position. Your chest is widely exposed, your core is engaged and you sense the pulsating energy inside of you. This moment is timeless, it seems like it’s going to last for all infinity.

You surrender completely, and in this timeless moment your soul merges perfectly with the sensations of your body.

There have been fine little lines on the surface of your heart for a while, visible on the outside. They’re glowing. You can feel how the light shines through these little cracks.

You want more. Is there more to get?
You devote yourself to the feeling in this moment, wanting to know more about yourself.

Suddenly your heart cracks open. The light, that’s been kept inside for so long, finally shines through.
Unrestricted and bright. It’s vibrating, colorful energy.

The blast of the explosion passes through your body. It makes you cry. It hurts. It feels good. It feels extraordinary. Strange and new. The blast brings forth so much light, and also so many feelings that have been locked away. They’ve been well hidden inside of you, deep down there, somewhere in the dark. Waiting for you to finally reach out for them.

You cry in anguish as these feelings soar to the outside, fast and unbounded. This all is painful and relieving and soothing at the same time.

You just unlocked a part of yourself you didn’t even know existed. It’s all yours. Now it’s yours.

There’s still a long long way to go from here, now that you turned yourself inside out.
You’re going to have to work with yourself. To confront your shadows. To understand your tears. To deal with all the light. To spread all the love.

But everything’s going to be better from now on. You just know it, because you just unlocked your heart.

And there is so much light in it.


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