5 benefits of a daily Yoga practice

Yoga Downward Dog

There are several reasons why a daily Yoga practice can be beneficial. The main reason I step onto my mat every single day is that it just feels so damn good. Especially afterwards. It stretches, revitalizes and makes me forget about the world for a moment and leaves me enjoying my own company with a calm mind.

I’ve been practicing Yoga regularly since 2012, but one year ago I set a high goal for myself: to practice daily, even on the road. In the beginning it felt a little hard and exorbitant to do that. But after one year of an almost daily practice I can’t even begin to describe how beneficial this was to my Yoga progress and how much it has changed my overall wellbeing. Only exceptions when I didn’t show up on my mat were days when I was really sick or had a time schedule that was too tight. But even on those days I spent five minutes in a lotus seated meditation, in legs-up-the-wall pose or at least in Savasana.

A Yoga class once a week is a great thing. But doing it daily makes it a routine. In class or at home. It’s something like taking a shower, something you need and want. It’s especially calming when you let yourself really rest in Savasana at the end of every practice, to let your body and mind process what it just has learned.


 5 benefits of a daily Yoga practice :

1. Body awareness

Have you ever felt your body? I mean really felt every single muscle in it? How great it feels to be aware of it? It’s awesome to discover what your own body is able to do – postures and movements you never thought possible. You even will be able to decipher the small signals your body is constantly sending you – you’ll simply know when it’s time to step back a little, when to relax, and also when you can push it a little futher to its limits.

2. Posture

Your overall body posture will improve – you will stand upright and walk with a tall back, and even pains in your back can vanish or be reduced.

3. Strength

To be able to lift yourself up is an astonishing feeling when you thought before that this would never happen. Weights and also your own body weight will become lighter, less tiring and it feels good to observe yourself getting stronger day by day.

4. Flexibility

Stretching your body is wonderful to get connected with every part of it and to stay in tune with yourself. Stretching those hamstrings, the back and the whole body can feel pain relieving, too, if you’re suffering from tension.

5. Balance

When I started with Yoga I never thought that I’d be able to balance myself on my hands in crow pose or forearm stand. I’m still working on my arm postures, but steadily making progress. Slowly and continuously.
Being able to balance in your Yoga practice also makes you being able to be more balanced in everyday life. Because you know how strong you’ve grown, that you can trust your own abilities, and that you can trust yourself. This feeling shows on the outside, too.

6. Calm mind

I’m definitely more relaxed since I started my daily practice. Everyday troubles and dramas don’t seem to bother me that much any more, it’s like seeing more clearly or more objective, focussing more on the good things in life and not getting obsessed with all the disturbing news that come from the outside. It feels like freedom and inner peace.


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