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Finding the Balance

yoga tree pose

I stand on one leg in Vrksasana, the tree pose. I inhale deeply with eyes closed. My palms touch each other over my head, I sense a slight tingling in between them. I exhale slowly and try to let go of all concerns. But my head is spinning. My thoughts hold on to unimportant things that happened today.
I fall out of the pose. Over and over. It should be an easy pose to me, but today it seems to be the hardest thing to stand up tall on one leg.

It’s clear to me: today I’m obviously out of balance. If I were balanced, I wouldn’t be stumbling around like that.

The same thing happens when I try the next asana: Ardha Chandrasana, the half moon pose. I can’t even begin to turn my head upwards to the sky until I fall out of it. Yet, yesterday it seemed so easy. So what’s wrong today?

‘Inner peace, please come and stay now. I don’t have time to wait for you, let’s rush a little, I want to get into Savasana.’ – a thought every Yogi might have had at some point.

But it’s never a good idea to try to rush things. The only thing that happens is that we fall out of a pose, push ourselves to hard, and in the worst case, we risk injury.

So how to find the balance when it just doesn’t seem possible?
I usually try to accept the fact that ‘today is just not the day for this or that pose’, or ‘I will try those balancing poses again tomorrow’, or ‘my body isn’t ready today’. Once you accept that ‘today just might not be the day’, it usually gets easier, because the pressure on yourself vanishes.

Maybe even another pose you’ve been struggling with for weeks comes easy that day. Just be flexible and try something new. Maybe that’s exactly what you need that day. Maybe you’ll master a seated twist that you’ve never done before. Or that forward fold has never been that deep.

Your body just shows you what it needs, even if you’re out of balance. Just go with the flow and don’t stick to routine or what your ego wants. What wants to come will come to you in time.


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