How to show Gratitude


We spend too much time in our lives taking things for granted because they’ve always been as they are. But we should constantly  remind ourselves that no person, no circumstance, no event, no material posession or health is a matter of course.

Often, the only time we realize this fact is when we hit rock bottom and all that we took for granted disappears suddenly. Then we have to get used to a life without what we took for granted, which often leads to regret and self blame because we didn’t cherish what we had earlier.

So why not showing some gratitude for what we have in our lives right now, before it’s too late? Why not saying thank you to someone else? It doesn’t hurt. Showing gratitude is a mighty act that can literally set us free.


 Here are a few thoughts about gratitude and how to show it:

1. Say thank you every day

Put this on your to-do-list every day. Saying thank you is something that should become easy. For example ‘thanks for the air that I’m breathing’ or ‘thanks for the food I’m eating’ or ‘thanks that I have a home’ are great thoughts to start with.

2. Thank your loved ones

Call or visit your loved ones, your family, your friends, your partner and say thank you to them. Tell them what you love about them, straight into their face. Tell them how thankful you are to have them in your life.

3. Thank a stranger

This could happen when someone holds up the door for you or when someone gives you the right of way in traffic. Smile at a stranger. It feels better than being grumbly.

4. Thank yourself

Thank yourself and your body for your daily achievements, how your feet carry you from place to place, for the quality time you spend with yourself, for mastering a rough or great day.

5. Be thankful for all you have

You have everything you got for a reason – because it’s perfect the way it is. Say thank you for the little things, the heirloom jewels from your grandmother, say thank you for a nice comfy home, say thank you for being healthy.

6. Be thankful for all you don’t have

Also, you don’t have the things you don’t have, because maybe it’s no the right time yet to have them. So be prepared for an adventure to get those things or achievements. Wouldn’t it be boring if we just instantly had what we wanted? It gives you the possibility for experience.

7. Be thankful for experiences

This nasty co-worker, this hard decision to make, this bad relationship, this trouble you’re in. They are all teachers that want to open your eyes to something. In life, when we look back, it’s always the ‘bad’ things that were our greatest lessons. This also applies to great experiences. They enrich our life and shape the highlights that we love to remember. So be thankful for all the experiences you make while you’re here on earth.

8. Meditate about gratitude

Sometimes you maybe can’t tell someone in person that you’re thankful, because they live too far away or already passed away. You can sit in silence for a few minutes and visualize the person you want to see before your eyes and tell them everything you ever wanted to tell them. Say thank you, say sorry, be kind. Meditate about all the points above.

9. Before sleep

Before you go to bed, write down 3 things that you’ve been grateful for this day.


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