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Yoga in the morning, headstand
Hello, welcome to my blog!

Sun rises. A new day begins, it’s early in the morning. A slight dust still lingers hovering over the chilly morning ground. It’s August – in the midst of summer time – but the nights already tell you about autumn that’s faintly waiting just around the corner.
The chirping of the birds in the trees is getting louder with every minute that passes. The first rays of light touch the ground and shine through the slowly dissolving mist.
You wake up, and you just feel it – you know it’s about time to get up with the sun and to do your daily practice. On your mat. Under the summer sky. At your favorite spot. In the first morning light. Right now. No excuses. That’s how every day should start.
It’s time to share this peaceful moment with yourself. This time is only for you. Before the regular daily life starts. Before you can even think disturbing daily life thoughts. Before you can ckeck any social media. This is a moment just for you.


Unlocked Heart

My name is Elaine and I’m a passionate 20-something Yogini and creative mind from Germany.

I’m happy you found your way to this blog. ‘Unlocked Heart’ is dedicated to Yoga and the wonderful lifestyle that comes along with it.

Yoga is not a religion or dogma. It’s a peaceful lifestyle that comes from ancient times and constantly leads to inner balance and happiness, and also can lead to health – mentally and physically.

Since I started my own Yoga practice in early 2012 magnificent miracles have happened inside of me. One of them is that my heart opened up to the unlimited possibilities we all have in life – as long as we are willing to see and take them – and now I decided to share my journey and my constant progress as a Yogini on this blog. With all its ups and downs, the failures, fears and joyful moments that come along with the path, to inspire others, to share my thoughts, to be inspired, to share my experiences along the way, to tell you about the light and the shadows, to spread the love and the healing light that comes from deep within. I want to share my thoughts about life, love and happiness and my personal recipe how to achieve it.

Once you really start listening to your inner guiding voice, you’ll see that the silence and the peace that comes from the inside is beautiful, and that you’re becoming more and more aware of your true self.

In life it’s all about the right thoughts we choose to think and hold on to. We’ll find peace if we choose to be actively mindful and start living in the now. Each moment is precious and we should appreciate every single one, one after another. Hower it might be. If good or bad.

It’s not always easy to share things from the inside. It means being vulnerable and to talk about thoughts and fears. Sometimes it’s even not easy to talk about exciting moments and happiness. But it’s important to open up sometimes and to share things and feelings with others. It’s important and a wonderful feeling to unlock your heart. Nobody can do that for you or help you with that, it’s a thing you decide on your own.

Happiness is not a thing that happens to you – it’s a choice you make. It’s always a choice to work with what you’ve got, from where you are, with the talents you’ve got and to stand up for who you are and to make the best out of it.

Life is an endless adventure. It’s beautiful. Believe in your dreams, dare to walk your own path and always, always follow your heart.

I wish you all a great stay here and hopefully you will come back and be inspired, too. :)
I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback, inspiration and thoughts.
You can send me a message here.

Love and light, Namasté!


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