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    Recipe for a vegan breakfast – Chia pudding with berries

    Start your day better with a bit of Yum, vitamins and sweetness.

    We’re lucky that it’s easy to get good quality berries during summertime, but we also like the frozen alternative.
    We even prefer frozen berries, as they already have the ‘right temperature’.
    In wintertime it’s easy to buy frozen berries, but in summer we can easily pick them and freeze them ourselves.


    Ingredients for this vegan chia pudding with berries (for 2 bowls):

    150 g frozen strawberries
    150 g frozen blueberries
    200 ml coconut milk
    500 ml almond milk
    2 tablespoons grated coconut
    agave syrup or coconut blossom sugar for the sweetness


    How to:

    Put all the ingredients in a mixer and blend well. Add 1 1/2 tablespoons chia seeds and stir the mixture with a spoon.
    Fill 2 bowls with it and put on a cover. Store the bowls in a refrigerator until the next morning.

    Prepare this meal on the evening before the next morning so that the chia seeds have time to ‘work their magic’, and the mixture becomes a pudding. :)


    On the top:
    In the morning, you can put any fresh fruit you like on top. We chose banana, grated coconut and pomegranate. You could even add some oat flakes or amaranth on top.


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